Agriculture Business, Industry and Commodity Groups

Support Your Local Ag Program By:

    • Serving as a classroom guest speaker.
    • Host an FFA Meeting at your place of business.
    • Display a Proud Support of Ag Ed sign in your business window.
    • Be a field trip host site.
    • Talk to the Agriculture Teach to spend a day at your place of work to learn the ropes and have a better understanding of your agricultural entity.
    • Offer to donate your time to an upcoming event.
    • Join the Ag Program Advisory Board or Alumni Affiliate. If the Ag Program does not have an Advisory Board or Alumni Affiliate look into starting one. Click Here for more information.
    • Donate in-kind supplies that the Ag Program needs.
    • Provide student scholarships for camps and conferences.
    • Donate to the MN FFA Foundation and support the entire Ag Ed Family.
    • Spread a positive message to others in the community about the Ag Ed program
    • Get a group of community members together and setup-up a meeting with the school administration to share with them the positive benefits of Ag Ed and the need for continued growth of the program.
    • Set-up a Ag Program/Community Leaders Mentoring program for students in the Ag Ed program so that they can develop positive, long-lasting relationships with industry leaders.