Professional Development

Attend a variety of professional development opportunities.  
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  • NAAE National Convention
  • Region III Conference
  • MAAE Ag Technology Conference
  • MAAE Summer Conference
  • TIP, PEP, and PIM
    • Mentorship for beginning Ag Instructors in High School, FBM, and Post-Secondary


 Legislative Advocacy

  • Legislation progress related to science, art, and economics credit towards graduation
  • Carl Perkins legislation and CTE Levy provide money to your school for Secondary Programs
  • College in the Schools, Concurrent Enrollment, and Articulation Agreements
  • MAELC – Minnesota Agriculture Education Leadership Council

Opportunities of Membership

  • Participate in legislative advocacy for the profession.
  • Participate in leadership and personal development activities.
    • MAAE Alternate Director, Regional Director, and Committee Positions
    • MAAE State Officer Positions
    • Region III Officer Positions
    • NAAE Officer Positions
    • SAE & CDE Committee Posistions
  • Participate in awards and recognition programs:
    • Personal and Departmental recognition programs
    • State, Region III and National recognition programs
  • Participate in idea exchange forums:
    • MAAE Summer Conference, NAAE Region III Conference, and NAAE Conference
  • Receive news updates regarding your chosen profession:
    • MAAE Ag in Action Magazine (3 Issues)
    • NAAE News and Views (6 Issues) and the Monday Morning Monitor (weekly)
    • MAAE Summer Conference and Ag Tech Conference
  • Access instructional materials & resources:
    • MyCAERT, Professional Development Workshops, MAAE Conferences, & fellow instructors
  • Influence the future direction of the profession.
  • Establish camaraderie and fellowship among your peers.

Return on YOUR Investment because of MAAE’s Efforts!

  • $2 Million to Farm Business Management and Mentorship Programs
  • $500,000 to MN Agriculture Education Leadership Council
  • $400,000 to U of M
  • CTE Levy – 35% of CTE certified program costs are covered
  • $187,000 to Minnesota FFA and PAS Staff and Programs
  • $250,000 for Secondary Extended Contracts
  • Student Debt Loan Forgiveness - $2.2 million in 2017 & $200,000 annually in 2018
    • Over $35,000 per AG TEACHER!
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